Christina LoCascio, known in local art and wine circles as "the artist who paints with wine," earned her Fine Arts Degree from UC Santa Barbara and attended programs at the Laguna College of Art and Design as well as Otis College of Art in Los Angeles. In 2002 she began a career in the wine industry, which led her to develop an innovative new technique using wine as her palette. Utilizing different grape varietals and by experimenting with wine reductions, Christina has created an art form reflecting her appreciation and passion for wine.

Her paintings reveal a wine narrative in the form of vineyards, grape clusters, and wine bottle portraits as well as figurative subjects that bring to life the emotional experience of savoring a glass of wine. Her travels through Europe and years working in the wine industry have also influenced her paintings. She currently lives and maintains a studio on her family’s vineyard in the Santa Barbara wine country, a source of continuous inspiration.

Christina’s wine paintings have been exhibited internationally and nationally from Germany to Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and throughout California with collectors nation wide. Christina has received media attention in notable publications, including Wine Spectator as well as TV shows on the Food Network and Women’s Entertainment Network.

Since 2003, she has collaborated with Artiste Winery in five solo exhibits and over nine wine labels featuring her wine art. "The synthesis of wine and art is an idea Artiste and I share, so I gravitate to showing my work there," LoCascio states. Her August 2010 exhibition, "Silent Sunlight" will be the latest showing of wine paintings at Artiste. The exhibit will delve deeper into experimentation with form and abstraction while still maintaining the unique effects of using wine on paper.

Contact the artist at christina @christinalocascio.com